September usually heralds the end of Summer, with the weather being slightly cooler and windier, and the days are noticeably shorter. The gardening focus moves away from the ornamental garden to the fruit and vegetable garden, where the harvest will be in full swing. Don’t forget the borders though as you can consider planting spring-flowering bulbs for next year and you can collect seeds from your favourite plants to enable next summer’s colour too.

  1. Lift and divide herbaceous perennials to increase your flower stock for next year.
  2. Harvest Autumn fruits when they are ready.
  3. Collect seeds from your favourite perennials and hardy annuals, storing them in clearly marked envelopes.
  4. Lift the remaining main crop potatoes.
  5. Prepare garden ponds to minimise the number of falling leaves entering the water.
  6. Water plants, particularly those that are not well established, if a dry spell occurs.
  7. Tidy cold frames and greenhouses so that they can be used for Autumn planting and to protect tender plants from the cold.
  8. Net vegetable crops vulnerable to bird attack.
  9. Plant bulbs for a colourful display next Spring.


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