May is seen as the transition between Spring and Summer; the focus shifts from spring bulbs to the herbaceous borders, which should now be growing at a prodigious rate. Bedding plants can be planted out to give that instant colour to the garden structure provided by your shrubs and perennials. By now your lawn will be responding to the warmer temperatures so this means that regular cutting is now inevitable.

  1. There is still the potential for late frosts:- monitor the local weather forecast and take action as necessary.
  2. Earth up early crop potatoes and plant any main crop not yet planted.
  3. When you are confident that frosts are over plant out summer bedding.
  4. Keep weed growth firmly under control.
  5. When temperatures permit open greenhouse vents and doors.
  6. Institute a regular timetable for mowing the lawns.
  7. Hedges can be clipped provided that this does not disrupt nesting birds.
  8. Overcrowded spring-flowering bulbs can be divided.
  9. Monitor plants for the presence of known pests such as viburnum beetle.


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