Meteorologically June is the first month of Summer, but the month also contains the longest day of the year. The increased light and warmth encourages everything, and that includes undesirable plants such as weeds, to grow rapidly. This means that the gardener must be extra vigilant in order to ensure that only the plants that are wanted are present.

  1. Remove weeds as and when necessary.
  2. If a dry spell is encountered, water as and when necessary.
  3. Monitor tomato growth and pinch out side-shoots.
  4. Early crops such as lettuce, radish, other salads and early potatoes can be harvested and enjoyed.
  5. Summer hanging baskets and containers can be displayed outside to provide a colourful effect.
  6. Maintain the lawn mowing regime instituted earlier.
  7. Summer bedding not already planted should be positioned appropriately.
  8. To minimise the detrimental effects of gravity and winds on a display, stake tall or floppy plants.
  9. Spring-flowering shrubs that have finished flowering can be pruned.
  10. Ensure that greenhouses do not overheat.


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