Traditionally, July is often one of the months when we enjoy the best weather making it a great time to sit out and enjoy the fruits of your labour in the garden. Maintenance, such as dead heading, is important though to keep plants looking at their best and to maximise the flowering season. Ensure that plants have adequate water and continue your ongoing battle against the weeds.

  1. Be vigilant for signs of common plant disease such as clematis wilt or apple scab.
  2. Ensure that all plants have adequate water, particularly important for tubs and hanging baskets.
  3. Regularly dead head bedding plants and repeat-flowering perennials to maintain visual effect and maximise flowering time.
  4. Harvest vegetables before they become too old.
  5. Monitor garden ponds to ensure that they are not drying up and that algae and weeds are not too thick.
  6. Apply lawn feed, if necessary.
  7. Woodwork and fencing can be treated with paint or preserver if necessary.


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