In January there is little actual work to do in your garden but you need to be aware of the weather as this can do considerable damage and undo all of your good work of previous years. It is not just the cold that can be your enemy; gale-force winds and heavy rain can be equally destructive. Consequently you should monitor the local weather forecasts on a regular basis. Over time plant supports, ties and insulation can deteriorate so check them all for damage and replace as necessary. Severe weather does not just adversely impact plants, wildlife also suffers and food may be in short supply so keep feeding the birds. On a brighter note, for those of you who need your gardening fix, this is a good time to plan your planting for the upcoming season.

  1. Cut back and tidy up all herbaceous plants.
  2. Prune back any roses not yet done, cut out any dead or diseased stems.
  3. Clear any debris from the herbaceous and rose beds and compost or burn to avoid any spread of disease.
  4. Protect, by mulching or fleece, tender plants against the possibility of damage from frost and cold.
  5. When the weather permits, ventilate the greenhouse.
  6. Prepare for planting any vacant plots.
  7. Tidy and repair lawn edges.
  8. Examine any stored tubers to ensure that they are not rotting or drying out.
  9. Prune fruit trees.
  10. Plan your planting schemes the coming season.
  11. Ensure that wildlife, in particular the birds, have food.


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