Meteorologically February is part of Winter. However, you should start to see indications that the worst of the weather is over.Temperatures may start to rise slightly and this forces bulbs to start shooting and wildlife becomes more active. There is some useful work that you can now undertake in the garden as this is an ideal time to prune shrubs and climbers, e.g. wisteria. The remainder of the gardening focus is still restricted though but thorough planning can pay dividends when you start the more intensive work outdoors.

  1. Prepare vegetable seed beds.
  2. Start to chit early seed potato.
  3. Any fruit and vegetables that are vulnerable to bird attack should be netted.
  4. Any winter-flowering shrubs that have finished flowering can be pruned.
  5. Divide bulbs such as snowdrops, and plant those that need planting ‘in the green’.
  6. Prune climbers such as wisteria.
  7. Maintain evergreen hedges and overgrown deciduous hedges.
  8. Trim back ornamental grasses.


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