August is the last month of summer but it is usually one of the hottest and driest months. Consequently watering can be a time-consuming daily task. As August is traditionally family holiday time you will often be absent just when your garden needs you most, so you might need to get the help of friends and family to look after the garden while you are away. If you are lucky, neighbours may be away when you are at home and vice versa, so some of sort of reciprocal arrangement may work well for all concerned! When you are at home continue the day-to-day maintenance of your garden, which can include the pruning of summer-flowering shrubs.

  1. Prune wisteria.
  2. Dead head flowering plants in order to keep the best visual effect and prolong the flowering season.
  3. Ensure all plants, particularly those in hanging baskets and tubs, have adequate water.
  4. Collect seed from favourite plants and store the seed in clearly labelled envelopes.
  5. Harvest crops as they become ready.
  6. Maintain soft fruits plants in order to maximise yield next season.
  7. Monitor garden ponds to ensure that they don’t dry up.
  8. Fertilise the soil as and when appropriate.


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