Shrubs are small to medium-sized woody plants. They are distinguished from trees by their multiple stems and shorter height, which is usually under 6 metres for mature specimens; in common with trees shrubs can be either evergreen or deciduous. Most shrubs are hardy and remain in the garden all year however their are a number that are tender and these have to be either insulated or moved to a sheltered location during the colder months. Shrubs are typically planted during Spring and Summer but in order to provide a good start for your new shrub we recommend planting in Autumn.

As well as adding height and colour to the garden, shrubs also add structure reinforced by the planting of hardy perennials and bedding plants to give year round colour and shape.

Freeland Nurseries stock a wide variety, far to many to list here, of shrubs to suit all soil and light conditions. A small selection of of our customer’s favourites are berberis, buddleia, cotoneaster, fuchsia and hebe.

When new shrub varieties become available for sale they will be announced on our new arrivals page and shrubs considered to be in optimal condition will be highlighted on the looking good page. Check these pages regularly if you require a specific variety or call in at Freeland Nurseries to view our current stock; if you take this approach our experienced staff will be glad to offer advice on plants that will satisfy your requirements.

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