Roses are deciduous or semi-evergreen shrubs and scrambling climbers the stems of which usually bear thorns. They are grown for a variety of reasons but primarily for their profusion of flowers, which are often fragrant, and sometimes for their fruits called rose hips. Roses are normally fully hardy and prefer an open, sunny site that has fertile, moist but well-drained soil.

Autumn planting of roses is often undertaken and to accomodate this our new stock of roses is delivered to us during November.

Roses are adaptable and there are varieties for a suitable for a number of purposes. Freeland Nurseries has a large stock of roses that are categorised as shrub, bush, patio, climbing, rambler and ground cover.

When new rose varieties become available for sale they will be announced on our new arrivals page and roses considered to be in optimal condition will be highlighted on the looking good page. Check these pages regularly if you require a specific variety or call in at Freeland Nurseries to view our current stock; if you take this approach our experienced staff will be glad to offer advice on plants that will satisfy your requirements.

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