Very few gardens use only flowers in order to provide interest. Most gardens also require structure provided by different plant shapes, colours and textures to provide a form that is attractive and interesting 365 days a year. Conifers are ideal for this purpose because they have varied appearance, are hardy, easy to care for and long-living. Conifers are available in a large range of colours and many change shade during the year consequently they can provide colour in Autumn and Winter when other plants are dormant.

The density provided by conifers make them ideal for hedging that provides the garden with privacy, gives a suitable environment for wildlife, absorbs noise and pollution, masks unpleasant features and creates a basic structure for the garden.

Surprisingly conifers can provide excellent ground cover provided the correct varieties are selected. For this purpose prostrate conifers are the plant of choice and they can be used to effectively edge ponds, paths or borders, cover less attractive areas and also to suppress weeds.

Structural interest, on a large or small-scale, can be added to a garden using single specimen conifers. Large scale conifers can be used to add structure to a garden as a whole by planting a tree in a strategic location; small-scale structure, see the next section relating to miniature conifers, adds height or texture to a subsection, such as a container or rockery, of the garden.

Miniature conifers are ideally suited to container planting as they will thrive for a number of years with little or no maintenance. These undemanding plants simply need water in summer, an occasional trim in order to maintain shape and an annual feed of slow-release fertiliser.

As most varieties of conifer are evergreen they look in good condition all year-round consequently the normal practice of highlighting plants considered to be in prime condition, using a looking good page, will only be used when conifers of exceptional quality enters stock.

When new conifers become available for sale they will be announced on our new arrivals page Check this page regularly if you require a specific variety or call in at Freeland Nurseries to view our current stock; if you take this latter approach our experienced staff will be glad to offer advice on plants that will satisfy your requirements.

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