Climbers are ideal for softening walls and structures in your garden by disguising them with foliage and flowers. Climbers are either self-clinging or need some assistance by tying in consquently select your climber carefully depending upon the amount of time you are prepared to spend on maintenance. Besides their utility, many climbers commonly grown have impressive floral displays, examples being clematis and wisteria, which can be very fragrant such as honeysuckle or jasmine. Other climbers are grown for their evergreen qualities that provide a year round camoflage for stone or brick structure, a popular example of this is hedera. There is no general formula for care of climbers and pruning etc in order to generate an optimal display is very much dependent upon the variety of each species; our experienced staff will be delighted to advise you if you are uncertain what to do and when.

When new climbers become available for sale they will be announced on our new arrivals page and climbers considered to be in optimal condition will be highlighted on the looking good page. Check these pages regularly if you require a specific variety or call in at Freeland Nurseries to view our current stock; if you take this approach our experienced staff will be glad to offer advice on plants that will satisfy your requirements.

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