Looking good

Our extensive selection of bedding plants are now available. Bedding plants are an easy way to brighten up your garden with a variety of colours. Our range includes the ever popular phlox, lobelia, verbena, dianthus, begonias, impatiens to mention but a few. Most bedding plants are now in excellent condition consequently we suggest that you call in at Freeland Nurseries and pick the variety and colour that best meets your needs, we will be delighted to see you and offer advice if it is needed.

We also recommend that you examine our extensive selection of geraniums and fuchsias which are available in both upright and trailing varieties. Please note that both geraniums and fuchsias can be over-Wintered in a frost-free greenhouse consequently you can enjoy these plants in successive years.

Similarly we have a selection of trailing and non-stop begonias which are available in 1 litre pots. These popular plants provide a profusion of blossom in the coming months.

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