Freeland Nurseries is now open however, in line with government regulations, we will be adhering to strict social distancing rules and will be making the nursery as safe as possible for our customers.

With the prospect of being able to visit our favourite overseas holiday locations being reduced this year why not consider bringing a bit of the Mediterranean or even more exotic places to your own garden? We now have in stock specimen and smaller, less mature, plants traditionally associated with warmer climates.


Many people assume that palms need tropical or subtropical temperatures, however, there are some varieties suitable for planting outdoors in the UK. Hardy palms are invaluable as structural plants in tropical-style gardens and look effective when planted with other exotic plants such as bamboo. We now have in stock a selection suitable for most locations and budgets.


Another plant not traditionally associated with the UK is the olive tree. Despite their Mediterranean origins, these beautiful trees are easy to care for and grow well even in poor or stony soils. Their silvery foliage will shimmer in the summer sun and brighten up the bare winter garden. We have available olive trees  in a variety of sizes.


Bamboo can provide structure to your garden and we have recently received some high quality, mature specimens. Consequently if you are looking to remodel your garden or you are designing the garden of your new house then bamboo can be a useful structural plant to act as a focal point. If you don’t need a mature bamboo to give instant impact then we have smaller specimens available.

If you require more traditional plants associated with gardens in Oxfordshire then we are pleased to say that we have recently received new stocks of  shrubs and summer plants and these are now available for sale. In addition we also have available plants for which Freeland Nurseries is renowned, namely geraniums, fuchsia and a selection of bedding plants.

Our suppliers are currently under enormous pressure, due to the measures put in place during lockdown, consequently we may not be able to supply all products that are usually available. In particular we have experienced huge demand for composts therefore supplies are currently limited.

We look forward to seeing you soon.