Considerations for January

The weather during January often prevents much activity in the garden however it is an ideal time to plan what to grow later in the year particularly in the vegetable plot. Seed potatoes, onion and shallot sets are now in stock consequently if you have favourite varieties then we recommend an early visit to guarantee that they are still available.




You may also wish to consider what other vegetables you wish to grow as vegetable seeds are now available even though it is still too early for planting some types.

You may also want to consider introducing soft fruit, such as currants, gooseberries or raspberries, as a complement to your vegetables as later Winter to early Spring is the ideal time to plant them.

We realise that not everybody has a vegetable plot and focus their gardening on ornamental plants. In that case January can be disappointing as many plants are dormant at that time. An exception is hellebores which have cheery, long lasting flowers in late Winter; a very welcome sight.


Winter flowering shrubs, such as viburnum, skimmia and mahonia can also be used effectively break the monotony of Winter.

A less labour intensive way of adding colour is to simply purchase pre-planted containers of early bulbs.


Freeland Nurseries has a comprehensive selection of early bulbs, including snowdrops and crocuses, available now.

The garden is not just an environment for growing plants it is also the habitat for wildlife including birds. In late January the RSPB is organising a national scheme, garden bird watch,  in order to give a snapshot of bird numbers across the UK. If you are taking part in the garden bird watch over the weekend January 25th – January 27th then we have an extensive range of wild bird food available to attract even more birds to your garden.