Christmas trees, houseplants and holly wreaths now in stock

It is becoming an increasingly popular for the first Sunday in December to be dedicated to the purchase of a Christmas tree. To enable this we just received our stock of high quality containerised and cut trees.P1000452

We have a selection of a number of varieties of trees available in sizes to suit most locations.


Depending on your requirements we can provide a differing varieties of tree including

Nordmann Fir

Nordmann fir is the best known needle retaining Christmas tree variety. It is dense and well rounded and suitable for most homes as long as space is not limited. It has soft needles consequently they are ideal for families with small children.

Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir is  a narrow, conical tree with flat, shiny deep green needles making it ideal where space is at a premium

Norway Spruce

The traditional Christmas tree, the Norway Spruce is the variety people mostly associate with Christmas.

If you choose to purchase a cut tree then in order to get the best from your investment we recommend that, when you get your tree home, you cut an inch from the bottom of the trunk and then immerse the newly exposed trunk in water for a period before locating in a stand or pot.

Poinsettia and other house plants



Traditionally houseplants, in particular poinsettia, are associated with Christmas. Freeland Nurseries has a large selection of houseplants, in a variety of colours to complement other decorations, in stock. Visit early in order to secure the plant that meets your requirements exactly.

Holly wreaths


Our acclaimed selection of holly wreaths, many of which are made on the premises, are now on sale.